Vitateca is the world’s leading source of independent health information, with a focus on science-based natural health. We have created this website because we are dissatisfied with the fact that millions of people still get sick and die from diseases that could have largely been eradicated by now. The main reason why these diseases still exist is the fact that there is a multi-billion dollar industry – the pharmaceutical investment business – which considers ongoing diseases as their market place.

This has to change. And we know that this is possible.

Our goal is a world in which heart disease, cancer and other common diseases of today become largely unheard of. This goal can only be achieved by replacing the current ‘repair-oriented’ health care with a clear focus on prevention and eventually the elimination of diseases.

This new healthcare system is built on recent breakthroughs in the area of science-based natural health, in particular vitamin and nutritional research.

This website brings independent health information to YOU – no matter who you are and where you live. Its goal is to invite YOU – young and old – to participate in the next great mission uniting all mankind: a ‘world without disease’.

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Anyone who is interested in independent health information. In particular, students & teachers, researchers, non-profit organisations and patients wishing to learn about science-based natural health.

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Our breakthrough research helps you understand the real cause of disease. This would in turn enable you to stay healthy. Use our search engine to get answers to all your questions!


Find educative materials provide natural solutions for different health problems, self-education and educating others. Vitateca brings interactive learning into the 21st century. Read the texbooks, see moving images and explore the interactive sequences. You will never touch your hardcover medicine book again. We promise!

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I bet you are curious to know if our visitors can confirm what we have said above. This section will offer you first-hand ratings from visitors, just like you. We welcome your feedback at any time! If you want to tell us anything, please feel free to do so on our portal, Facebook, Google+ or Twitter!

At every opportunity I recommend cellular nutrients and tell people about my good state of health. I am so convinced that I now work in the Health Alliance and am glad to help others by providing education and information.

Lore Krenedics

For several years now I have been completely free of cancer through using cellular nutrients. I am now 78 and feel very well.

Hermann Lehnert

My husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2006. He did not accept surgery and also refused the chemotherapy offered to him. His doctors were very annoyed. He also recovered well thanks to vitamin therapy, and so far has had no further complaints.

E Geissler

It was clear to me that the envisaged orthodox procedures – surgery and chemotherapy – were not for me. I was and still am convinced that chemotherapy using substances originally developed as poison gas and combat weapons would harm rather than help me. By lucky chance, I found out about Cellular Medicine.

Walter Büttner

I had heard about cellular nutrients from my sister-in-law in 2003, and now immediately started to take them. From the first day onwards I have been feeling fine. That was four years ago, and I never regretted for a moment deciding against chemo- and radiotherapy. I am proud and happy that instead I decided to take cellular nutrients, and would like to encourage everyone to do the same if they are diagnosed with cancer.

Hannelore Wagner

My husband and I have both long since recognised that there are natural alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs and conventional therapies. It really is high time that other people realised this, and took the opportunity to improve their lives. What I keep saying to people is this: Health isn’t the be-all and end-all, but without it all’s at an end!

Anna-Luise Korkowsky

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